Administrative Apprentice, HR

Tiegan Hummerston joined the Sadler’s Wells HR team in September 2016 as an Administrative Apprentice. Here she tells us what it’s like work in a busy HR department.

What made you want to do your particular apprenticeship
HR appealed to me as it’s an interesting job with a great environment. I was also drawn more towards doing an apprenticeship as I wanted to start to experience the role hands on and I also wasn’t keen on the idea of going to University at the time, so I developed my plan of becoming an apprentice in HR and I will hopefully move on to a more higher level apprenticeship in the future.

Why did you choose Sadler’s Wells?
When I was looking to go into HR, I found an apprenticeship at Sadler’s Wells and the thought of going into the creative arts as an apprentice sounded amazing. I was adamant to go into a company that appealed to me for my own personal interest and also for the fact that the creative industry would supply a good working environment within HR with interesting work.

What new skills have you learnt (3 max)?
– I have learnt how to take Minutes during a meeting (first time I have ever done this!)
– Developing my communication skills when on the phone and in writing
– Developing my IT skills – which also came from my college course as well

What has been the best part (and/or highlight) of your apprenticeship up to now?
A definite highlight is the people I have met and become acquainted with throughout my experience. I would also like to say dealing with the recruitment process is my favourite!

What are you looking forward to most throughout the next year?
Being able to leave my apprenticeship knowing that I have managed to grasp the policies and procedures within HR and that I can take the skills I have learnt and further my experience elsewhere.

What advice would you give to people considering an apprenticeship?
If you want to experience a role hands on, and develop your skills, even if you’re unsure of whether this would be the right career for you then an apprenticeship is an ideal way to do this!