Digital & Marketing Apprentice

Billy Chandler, 19, joined the Sadler’s Wells Marketing team in March 2016 as Digital & Marketing Apprentice. Here he tells us what he’s learnt during his time working at Sadler’s Wells.

What made you want to do your particular apprenticeship?
I found out about the apprenticeships available at Sadler’s Wells from the Jobcentre Plus, I applied for a few and got two interviews and the rest is history! But the main reason why I wanted to do the Digital & Marketing Apprenticeship was because as a film buff I always loved the marketing side of things, including trailers, TV spots, posters, and exclusive clips, so going into the marketing side of stage productions interested me in a big way, and it’s great that it is combined with the digital side of things as I love using computers and all different kinds of applications and programs.

Why did you choose Sadler’s Wells?
I was instantly interested in the internships and apprenticeships at Sadler’s Wells as it’s a renowned theatre and it’s only around the corner from where I live, so to me it felt like the ultimate opportunity!

What new skills have you learnt (3 max)?
I’ve learnt to use Photoshop, the CMS to edit the website, and the franking machine.

What has been the best part (and/or highlight) of your apprenticeship up to now?
I can’t really pick one, I’ve loved everything here. The job itself, the people here, the place itself, everything. I particularly loved the summer themed party and Christmas themed party, it was the two times where the whole team came together ato have a laugh, it was wonderful. I also loved going to the Burn The Floor after party in October 2016 where Frankie Bridge appeared, she looked stunning.

What are you looking forward to most throughout the next year?
Not sure really, because I never thought about what I wanted to do after Sadler’s Wells, and always dreaded leaving, I have however contacted a few departments seeing if they could help me with my next steps in becoming a full time Sadler’s Wells employee so fingers crossed with that. I have tons of plans in my free time though so that’s a thumbs up, I’m hoping to move into full time work, whether it’s in an office, or a theatre. I’m also hoping to get in contact with some acting agencies as my main objective in life is to have a full time career as an actor. I’ve had lots of ideas of what I want to try and do including writing so we’ll see what happens, it’s curious, it’s scary, maybe not scary but terrifying and it’s also very exciting.

What advice would you give to people considering an apprenticeship?
I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship, you get to learn a lot, meet lots of wonderful people, and it also looks brilliant on a CV. It’s much better than staying at home looking at random jobs when instead you can do an apprenticeship where you can work, learn, and be happy.