Lilian Baylis Studio: Fertile ground for new perspectives

Dance as a contemporary art form is a relatively young affair. nike air max 2017 pas cher Since the 1960’s breakthroughs, its shape seems to be ever-expanding, having outgrown the commonly understood notion of dancing and the traditional meaning of choreography; it has evolved into a vast field of possibilities across continents and aesthetics. At Sadler’s Wells, the Lilian Baylis Studio is where you can encounter some of the most current developments in what dance and choreography can be, both home-grown and from further shores. nike air max classic bw Year round, the Lilian Baylis Studio offers a carefully curated programme of singular perspectives from many of the most thought-provoking dance-makers working today, often at earlier stages of their careers but also from key acclaimed artists. Buy Blade and Soul Gold The works presented in the intimacy of the studio tend to share a critical perspective on the art form and on the world. It is a fertile ground for artists exploring the potential of dance. Changing in configuration, the studio also joyfully fosters experiments on being together in the theatre, including work that invites children in. At the crossroad of many disciplines and lesser known dance practices, you will also find provocations dealing with the actual form dance takes. Underpinned by ongoing artist support, this season sees the development of several ideas which started as experiments in Wild Card, a regular series offering alternative perspectives. Pepa Ubera returns with a poetic work as does Seeta Patel with her contemporary presentation of bharatanatyam, part of the Darbar Festival. This season’s Wild Card is curated by Gianluca Vincentini introducing talent from the North of England. nike kwazi soldes And Joe Moran premieres a brand new work making dancers’ thinking visible. Rucksäcke von Fjällräven There is also a rare chance to catch sought-after international artists with the mischievous Jan Martens’ new work and Maud Le Pladec’s feminist HUNTED. And last but not least, the Lilian Baylis Studio becomes home to little ones with Arthur Pita’s The Little Match Girl, a compassionate tale for the festive season. Join us and be part of dance reimagining itself.