Pupils discover theatre technology at Sadler’s Wells

Sadler’s Wells inspired a group of primary school pupils to learn more about theatre technology as part of a scheme introducing children to diverse STEM role models. Designed for Hackney primary schools, iDiscover aims to excite pupils in their studying of the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) by understanding how these are applied in the workplace.

As part of the scheme, Thomas Fairchild Community School and Colvestone Primary School visited Sadler’s Wells in May and July for a week-long programme of work-related STEM activities. The workshops demonstrated how technology is used within the creative industries, with participants watching live demonstrations of how technology plays a part in the staging of Sadler’s Wells shows, as well as engaging in some hands-on group activities.

At each session, a group of around 30 children aged 8-9 took a backstage tour of the theatre. Sam McLeod, our Head of Lighting and Sound introduced the job of a lighting technician, showing the children how to focus, control and change the colours of the lights on stage. Technician Tom Pritchard also talked the students through the job of a Sound Technician, demonstrating the sound desk and showing the students how to control volume and use the microphones. Finally, Technical Manager for the Peacock Theatre Chris Booth introduced the job of Production Manager, explaining stage terminology, leading them through the process of building and designing a set and illustrating special effects such as smoke and pyrotechnics.

It was fantastic to engage the children with the STEM subjects through practical learning at Sadler’s Wells, and we hope the experience may inspire some of them to pursue technical roles in the arts in the future!

Images: students backstage at Sadler’s Wells theatre taking part in an iDiscover STEM workshop.