Closed-captioning can now be found on all new Sadler’s Wells videos on our YouTube channel (, meaning that any speech in the films is subtitled.

This forms part of our strategy of increasing audience enjoyment and understanding of dance. As we commission an increasing number of short documentary films (featuring artists, cultural commentators, and our programming team), this important development ensures that even more people can enjoy the work on our stages, and discover more about our artistic programming.

These closed-captions will also be automatically translated into over 60 different languages, so whichever country the video content is watched in, many international viewers will also be able to deepen their enjoyment of dance.

To switch on this facility, start watching any of our YouTube videos, and in the black bar at the bottom of the footage, click on the fourth symbol from the right – the white box with lines on it (when hovering the mouse over it, ‘Subtitles/CC’ will appear).